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Turning Your Passions Into Profits – by Patrick Seaser

Whether you're starting a new business, or you're a veteran Entrepreneur, or someone considering part-time or full-time self-employment, Patrick Seaser has many important things to say about how to make a living from your passion. From how to get started... Continue Reading →

Have you ever taken a detour?

Pat Seaser has. Always a car enthusiast, Pat detoured into the medical field for a while and tried it out. Eventually, he discovered it wasn’t for him and returned to his passion – cars.  “I’ve always been into things around... Continue Reading →

Travelogue Expert Marie Hernandez Features Sponsorship Travel

Marie is a leading lady of travel tips and advice.  She says that 75% of her travels are sponsored. As a full-time World Traveler, she is committed to imparting her vast menu of knowledge to sponsors, travelers, and bloggers. Her... Continue Reading →

Change Your Life with Travel

Getting paid to travel sounds like a dream and Marie Hernandez is living it. Maybe it’s more accurate to say Marie is “blogging it” because that’s exactly what she does. Yes, it took courage and determination to leave the corporate comfort circle,... Continue Reading →

Jean Perpillant – Digital Marketing for 2019

On April 30, 2019, Jean Perpillant, founder and co-owner of Design Theory LLC, spoke to the Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Group.

Does a Social Media Strategy Blow Your Mind?

Does organizing and applying a social media strategy to your business blow your mind? We feel your pain! There is no way around the fact that business owners need social media. However, Jean Perpillant, our next Winter Park Bloggers and... Continue Reading →

Self- Publishing vs Traditional Publishing, An Author’s Story

Patricia Rittmeyer gave a talk at the Bloggers and Social Media Meetup on March 12, 2019. After writing her book she chose Self Publishing over Traditional Publishing. Patricia’s encounter with Traditional Publishing revealed that her own hard work would become... Continue Reading →

Motivation After the Story

The story was finally done.  Although not completed to my satisfaction,  I called it done, I felt a dismal chill come over me when thinking about what I needed to do next, all the obstacles I would have to face... Continue Reading →

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