Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup

Blogging for Stress Relief

Blogging for stress relief is a bit different than regular blogging. Blogging for stress relief can help you manage anxiety as it helps you sort out your own thoughts and emotions.  It can help you to clarify your thoughts before... Continue Reading →

SEO Copywriting an Essential Skill for Bloggers who Want Online Success

The art and science of creating content is loved by readers and search engines alike. Doing this well is the key to ranking high and convert well. SEO copywriting is a relatively new field. In former times you were either... Continue Reading →

How to Turn Your Blog into an eBook!

Lisa Melegari a professional content writer and an organizer for WordPress Orlando and WordCamp Orlando, gave a talk today on "How to Turn Your Blog Into an Ebook". She explained to us today that a good ebook consists of 20-30... Continue Reading →

Rule 1 Blog For Your Target Audience

RULE: Have a clear idea who you want to read your blog, and target your blog posts to their interests. It's important to produce content people want to read. Why waste time on topics no one wants to read? Targeting... Continue Reading →

How to write a solid gold killer blog post

Some of us have imagination of such fertility, that we spend our time holding back a torrent of ideas and battling to prevent unwanted blog posts spilling uncontrollably on to the page. But most of us don’t. We’re bereft of... Continue Reading →

Ways to Prose Edit and Copyedit Your Blog

 A few main points to help you make sure your articles have that professional polish.  Prose Editing Copyediting and Proofreading Read more

How To Blog Successfully As A New User Today we going to chat more about how you can blog efficiently for a beginner. Blog is short word for “weblog”. A blog is a brand-new generation of words, which are all extremely challenging to specify. The blog is... Continue Reading →

Blogging Trends for 2017

Blogger Lindsay Flannagan predicts that more and more blogs will be created this year but that many of them (perhaps most, even) will not be read. Why?  She says because they’ll fail to stand out amongst the crowd, drowning in a... Continue Reading →

We Met Up and Launched 2017

Our first MeetUp of the year was a success with 16 in attendance. We used a revised "Lean Coffee" format to find the topic interest and get to know each other better. Everyone chose two topics of interest and had... Continue Reading →

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