Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup

As bloggers we share ideas, offer mutual support and technical help

Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community

This is a book review. We will raffle this book at the next MeetUp on July 13, 2017. So don't miss the MeetUps as you will miss out on great blogging information and possibly a free book if you win.... Continue Reading →


Self Reflection is Your GPS

Self-reflection is like life’s GPS. Without it, you can find yourself speeding down the wrong road. “In the short term, you can achieve a goal by determination, being strategic and assertive, having a strong work ethic, and being willing to... Continue Reading →

Writing Is MY Way Of Life

Writing is MY way of life—it is my passion and true love. Writing enables me to do what I love doing the most, and that is constructing stories and experiences that give my life meaning and add value to others’... Continue Reading →

Joy Becerra – How to Get Your Content Seen and Featured on Social Media

Blog and Social Media expert, Joy Becerra, presented on June 15, at 6 PM.  Due to a wreck on I-4 and bad weather we had a much lower attendance than usual. However, Joy's talk was outstanding and those who missed it really... Continue Reading →

Tech Blogging Opportunity

Are you a tech blogger looking for an audience?

Check Your Grammar

Tools to improve your grammar.

Your Elusive Creative Genius

How to separate yourself from your Writing Genius.

How Writers can use Pinterest

This is a great way on how to use social media with blogging.

A Lawyer Blogging Story

Kevin O'Keefe is a small town lawyer who made a big name for himself through blogging and social media. He was invited to present at the Amsterdam at the Lexpo legal innovation and technology conference presenting on the power of blogging and... Continue Reading →

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