Does organizing and applying a social media strategy to your business blow your mind?

We feel your pain!

There is no way around the fact that business owners need social media. However, Jean Perpillant, our next Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup speaker, has tools and tips to simplify the process.

Jean’s presentation, “Digital Marketing Theory – Tips for 2019”, focuses on social media strategy. We asked him this question:

A client has identified their target audience but doesn’t know where they hang out online. Any tips for figuring out this conundrum?

Jean’s response:

“The easiest way is to think like your target client. Create a really descriptive profile of how much money they make, level of education, social media platforms they frequent, where and how they research, and most importantly identifying their challenges. When you’re able to identify where someone has challenges, you’re kind of talking to their soul. From there you have to build trust and create a vision of success that isn’t overwhelming while assuring that you’ll be there with them every step of the way.”


Jean is also a professional photographer and WordPress web designer at his company, Design Theory.  Join us for his Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup talk. One last piece of advice from Jean:

“Waiting for perfection, extends the launch date of your project.”

Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup
Friday, April 26, 2019
12:15pm – 1:45pm
Casselberry Library
215 N. Oxford Road
Casselberry, FL