Whether you’re starting a new business, or you’re a veteran Entrepreneur, or someone considering part-time or full-time self-employment, Patrick Seaser has many important things to say about how to make a living from your passion. From how to get started to understanding the balance sheet, profit margins and reinvesting in a new passion, he communicates pertinent information, tips and business principles you can count on.

Patrick believes that we can learn and profit from the things that happen to us. Our life experiences and mistakes can cause us to grow and help forge our commitment and vision with an attitude for learning. Patrick spoke candidly and humorously about some of his mistakes and experiences that were helpful to his business career. His first was a T-shirt business and he showed us a sample that he uses as a teaching aid!

He wants people to not only grab the concept but put into actions to get started. Essentially, to figure out at some point in life to take something that you love doing and producing something from it that can actually do something for the world versus just consuming it. Patrick is from Avon Park and 12 years ago he had no money but was heavily into skateboarding and racing cars.

One of the topics he spoke about was, How to Identify your Passions? He realized that there is a correlation between what you say and what you do. He quoted John 1:1 from the New Testament and expressed that when you put faith with your actions, it will continue to progress and grow. Some people who know what they want to do, are terrified of making the commitment. Not making the progression, versus making excuses and ending back on something that makes you miserable is a comparison to ponder.

Here are some other topics of interest that Patrick talked about. Business model, Profits are better than wages, Passive income ideas, Possibilities (put effort into it to eventually make a profit), Taking opportunities when they come, Spiritual led pursuits, Investing in your education, Building a customer base, Your target market is a better version of yourself, People don’t know what they want to do, Making excuses and burn-out.

Patrick recommended the book; The Richest Man in Babylon.

Thank you, Patrick, for spending your time with us by sharing your knowledge and experiences. We had a fun time having you with us. Please contact Patrick Seaser https://seasallauto.com