We are presenting the opportunity to spread your good name.
This is a great way to extend your business visibility to a specific demographic with little effort.

Winter Park Bloggers & Social Media Meetup believes our community should be truly open for everyone.
As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all. We need sponsors to HELP US make this a great community.
Sponsorship mainly pays for room rental fees and supplies.


We are a growing community of 663 lifelong learners in the genre of blogging and social media. We live and work in Winter Park and the Greater Orlando area.  
A sponsor can be anyone with a desire to help support the blogging and social media community.


Accepting five MeetUp Sponsors for a one-year commitment of $250 per sponsorship.
For industry sponsors, we will choose one industry per sponsor.


  • The desire to inspire bloggers to think bigger and differently about what’s possible.
  • To be able to equip bloggers with knowledge, skills and tools they need to be effective.
  • To be able to intersect bloggers with goods and services that could benefit them.


There are many benefits to sponsorship, including:

  • A logo and short bio on the MeetUp page.
  • Two 15 minute sponsorship presentations per year.  SEE DISCLAIMER
  • May give % off coupons per month to members at the MeetUp.
  • May provide a small gift for members that have attended six consecutive MeetUps.
  • If provided, a table sign will be displayed on the MeetUp registration table.
  • Sponsors’ logo will be added at the bottom of every mass member communication.
  • A thank you by business name at every MeetUp
  • Members are encouraged to become patrons.
  • Sponsors may attend MeetUps as a member.



  1. Fill out our sponsorship form. CLICK HERE
  2. Our organizers from the Winter Park Blogging and Social Media team will review the applications to make the final decisions.
  3. A letter or email of acceptance will be sent with an invoice for a $250.00 yearly fee.
  4. One of our organizers will follow up with a welcoming phone call after fee is paid. At this time you will scheduled for two annual 15-minute talks.
  5. You may bring your table sign to the every meeting with some literature and % off coupons. These will be placed on the registration table for those who choose to pick them up, not handed out.


DISCLAIMER: If something comes up and you’re not able to attend during your scheduled speaking engagement you may send a representative. Due to time constraints we may not be able to reschedule your talk that you missed. For confidentiality purposes we will not give out sponsors or members contact information You may not solicit members outside of the MeetUp without their permission. If we receive valid member complaints, sponsorship will be revoked without a refund.