Marie is a leading lady of travel tips and advice.  She says that 75% of her travels are sponsored. As a full-time World Traveler, she is committed to imparting her vast menu of knowledge to sponsors, travelers, and bloggers. Her talk on July 3, 2019, at the Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup, was interesting, helpful and very practical.  She also shared life stories about her journey, goals, people she has met, and circumstances from different parts of the world. Here are some topics of interest from Marie. 

Beginning – she started her journey with a desire and passion to travel the world. She had an idea that by interviewing public relations people from Hotels, travel opportunities could be made possible.. She got some responses. A bit later on she was contacted by, a national known news correspondent.

Types of Sponsors 

  • Tourism Boards:  Every state, city, and county has one to draw in tourism.  They love working with responsible and professional bloggers.
  • Hotels and Resorts:
  • Restaurants love bloggers to promote them, their Chefs and Menus’
  • Tours and Activities:  Wine tastings, lunches,  scuba diving, hikers…much more.
  • Google:  check-in to find who is new in the restaurant competition in town and give them exposure for sponsorship.
  • Cruise Ships: Look for new ones that need exposure.
  • Test drivers for RVs and high-end cars, think outside the box for creative ideas.


Social Media

Plays a huge part in sponsorship travel in how you relate to your audience; it’s not about the number of likes, but it’s all about the engagement. It’d about organic followers that engage with you. Likes are ignored, it must be true engagement.

Network in Conferences: Organic engager; go out and engage, interview, ask questions; Ask what inspires people in their pursuits and accomplishments.

Share a picture and write a valuable comment that will engage people. Leave valuable comments on other peoples pictures. Seek engagement. If you want people to engage with you then be a valuable engager.

Offer people exposure; ask permission to write about them.

Be logical when asking for something. It must make sense when you ask for sponsorship.

Letter-cold pitch is the first line of communication; include links, stats to social media; make the job easier for them to get information. 

You need to get in front of the right person to send a cold pitch. The PR Person, Owner or person in charge of the marketing department. Get that person’s name; go to Facebook, Twitter; to get answers. Linkedin offers an easier way to get populated. Marie has more success with Facebook.


Landing a Sponsorship

They will all look at your experience.

Never go on sponsorship without an agreement.

Ask them about their hashtags that they want you to use.  People like to see the extra effort you’ll give. 

Log all sponsors so you’ll have a list of help wherever or where ever you may have a need.

Be a blogger of integrity.  Be honest with blogging about sponsors to your audience/followers.

Disclosure statements at the end of the Blog to tell privately for wrongs done.  Must let sponsors see all Blog remarks.

Maintain proof ( keep a paper trail for everything ).

Over deliver:  go the extra mile, effort, work to show you’re invested and professional.

Marie uses for sponsors reports.

Think outside the box;  think of ways you can offer service, ways to get sponsors to provide meals.  

Negotiate all services offered.

Requests Wi-Fi in your contract/agreements.

Safety: check in every hour on Social Media to let people know where you are and be smart about your location.  

Always have life, and equipment insurance.

Write about what is right and wrong.

Get a proper return on your investment. If you are required to write a favorable review, do not accept the sponsor. 

Exposure and engagement are key in negotiation with sponsors.

Thank you, Marie Hernandez, for sharing all this helpful content with us.


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