The story was finally done.  Although not completed to my satisfaction,  I called it done, I felt a dismal chill come over me when thinking about what I needed to do next, all the obstacles I would have to face and overcome to get my story marketed to my satisfaction. This pronouncement is a common thread to many life stories if not all who desire to have their hard work published. For some, it’s the very thing that pinched out the candle of their motivation. Indeed continuous effort is essential to continuous success but sometimes life throws us a fast curveball and we get stuck or become unsettled.

I  had a conversation with a friend last week about writers and artists from history.  A common thread in many lives was hardships of all kinds. This common thread remains the same for our day and finding motivation can elude us from time to time.  We can unknowingly or deliberately find motivation in many different ways, communicating with different people, family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers. We find it in good and bad things that happen to us.  Something that causes a change in our circumstances or attitude can be downright inspirational. In God we trust. Consensus agrees money can motivate us. Hopefully, we would be impelled in a virtuous way. When we’ve been motivated in some way then we can motivate others in some way, perhaps to help expel fears, doubts, and likely misconceptions. When the right person/s comes along to assist us, to help us to proceed and direct us to what we need to do specifically, it’s inspirational.

Recently, my wife Carol, some on the web know her as the Orlando Web Wizard, was invited by author and serial Blogger Rik Feeney to speak at the Florida Writers Association in Winter Park. I accompanied her and I’m very glad I did. Writers who have the passion for their craft are the most promising, especially a group of them, to find motivation. Among the talkative and friendly group of authors, both published and in waiting were writing enthusiasts from all walks of life, and different countries, which displayed varied book themes that bolstered my interest right away. It was a pleasure to hear candid and sincere comments from life experiences, challenges, and goals.  After everyone was introduced and commented for a couple of minutes, Carol was introduced.

Carol’s business mission and goal is to empower people with the ability to use WordPress, to know and understand how it can benefit them in dynamic ways.

Today people are compelled to embrace the computer age in order to reach the world’s marketplace of ideas and products and show the world what you have to offer.

Carol spoke on how she can provide what you need to make your goal and dream a reality. Find motivation for your content, development, design, and your website. Become empowered with skill and knowledge. For concerns pertaining to the web or your website, please contact Carol.