Patricia Rittmeyer gave a talk at the Bloggers and Social Media Meetup on March 12, 2019. After writing her book she chose Self Publishing over Traditional Publishing. Patricia’s encounter with Traditional Publishing revealed that her own hard work would become another’s property, being subjected to another’s alteration, publishing, and marketing. Her ownership would be forfeited with the signing away her story rights to a publisher. She would lose control over color selection, layout, and cover design, marketing, copyright, TV and media rights, editing rights, affiliations and receiving lower profit margins etc. Desirous to retain ownership of her book, saying no to Traditional Publishing was the right decision. In choosing Self Publishing Patricia says you’ll be required to do about 75% of the work. You’ll need to become a salesperson and a marketer. If you’re not experienced in these areas you’ll need to buy material to help yourself or find help through professionals. She says it’s important to stay in an environment of like-minded people, meetings, conventions, trade shows, where you can showcase your work.

Here are some other brief statements from Patricia that she did elaborate on. Have the mindset to not get discouraged. Know why you want to write. Writers should be expressive in style like the famous storyteller Frank Paretti. Writers should talk to the reader from their soul. Research – Don’t put the cart before the horse or don’t build the building before the blueprint. You must have a website because some people don’t want to talk to you personally.

After the writing of her book, she sought help and found a company out of Maitland, Fl named Xulon that specializes in servicing self-publishers. They provide editors, book pricing, connections with buyers, consultants and guidance through the publishing and marketing process. They’ll do about 25% of the work and be your aid while you maintain ownership and control. If you want to be in Barnes and Noble, call Sheila Jamenson from New York, she sends works to buyers.

Patricia’s recommended books: “Wool” by Hugh Howay (e-book)

“Caffeine” death at 16 years old by David Cripe At the Q&A Patricia also answered questions about life with caffeine addiction and how she was set free from it.

Thank you, Patricia, for spending your time with us and telling your story. You can find Patricia Rittmeyer book at Amazon or Barnes & Nobel.