On April 30, 2019, Jean Perpillant, founder and co-owner of Design Theory LLC, spoke to the Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Group. Jean is community-minded and engages with people, groups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs, helping them to understand the different Social Media Platforms. Through his experiences and working knowledge of these platforms, he does an excellent job of wending through case usage, revealing platform changes and offering pertinent recommendations.

Jean posed a question to our group; Who is fatigued by Social Media?

Here are some topic highlights and comments from my notes on Jean’s talk. He expounded on each topic.

  • With the ever-changing formats, people are focusing more on Social Media.
  • Appearance frequency: the time you are posting; quality of posts is more important than the number of posts.
  • We have only so much time, we wear many hats; non-entrepreneurs spend more time on social media than entrepreneurs.
  • Understanding your “target market” is unclear- examining how people found you can give you insight into your ideal customer; their age, income, shopping habits, how many kids.


  • You need multiple apps now to manage FB.
  • Brand pages -must pay money to be effective.
  • FB insight is greater than other social media.
  • Jean recommends FB chat feature, it will boost up auto supply to a higher level.
  • FB Groups – enables you to go live and curate interesting questions.
  • FB live is highly recommended.
  • The “meat is in the Groups”.
  • Always ask for the email address of interested people plus ask a few questions in order to get to know them.


  • has many more users than any other platform.
  • Send out surveys once a month with 3-5 questions.
  • Be honest with users. Get to know what they want.
  • Influencer Marketing – try to attract influencers to find influencers. Use hashtags to go in to see the number of followers and the frequency.
  • Be ready, prepared, contracted, have all purchased and plugins correct and be unique as possible.
  • Content – humor, and inspiration does well and is popular.
  • Exploiting negative responses can win your image.
  • Flood the market with curiosity.
  • Provoke an action.


  • has not changed much.
  • Posts and pictures on Linkedin have a longer life span, without paying for it, compared to other platforms.

YOUTUBE – 2nd best next to Google.

  • Create videos on issues that affect us to help others on YouTube.
  • Become a trusted person.
  • Video once a week, or once a day … Quality of the videos doesn’t need to be 4K but adequate, have relevancy.


  • Describe video titles.
  • Use relevant tags (keywords).
  • Your thumbnail is everything, seconds.
  •  Jump on-trend trains.
  • Answer questions first, then explain.
  • Create a short series that continues to provide value.
  • Cross-promote or feature other people/brands that you know.


  • Cama.
  • Adobe Spark
  • Storyboarder
  • Pexels
  • Snappy
  • Power Director: video editing
  • Word Swag: adding of tags and graphics

Thank You, Jean Perpillant, for spending your time and sharing this helpful information with us.