Pat Seaser has. Always a car enthusiast, Pat detoured into the medical field for a while and tried it out. Eventually, he discovered it wasn’t for him and returned to his passion – cars. 

“I’ve always been into things around cars rather than the cars themselves. Sometimes, I cared more about the engine, transmission, paint or timing. It’s just in my blood,” Pat said.

Pat is the owner of Seasall, LLC, a roadside automotive service. Being a business owner sparked his interest in content creation, digital marketing and the desire to teach others about business, especially helping people understand the connection between passion and profit.

We asked him if he thought most customer service issues go across industries or are more industry-specific. Pat replied, “That’s a great question. There are different aspects, but it’s all relative. Customer service is customer service and customers can be a blessing or curse no matter the industry.”

As for how he stays organized (and passionate!) about his business and activities, Pat told us that his phone and agenda pad are his best organizational tools. Then we asked him the hardest question: to describe himself in 3 to 5 words. However, he didn’t flinch. 

So if you’re ready to hear about making profits from passions from a compassionate, self-motivated, energetic, honest and adventurous business owner, then join us for the next Winter Park Bloggers & Social Media Meetup!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019
12:15 to 2:15pm
Seminole County Public Library
215 N. Oxford Rd.
Casselberry, FL