Getting paid to travel sounds like a dream and Marie Hernandez is living it. Maybe it’s more accurate to say Marie is “blogging it” because that’s exactly what she does.

Yes, it took courage and determination to leave the corporate comfort circle, but she took the step. Not only did Marie become a travel writer and blogger, but also the founder and author behind SeriouslyTravel, Editor-in-Chief of  The Hotel Guide and the creator of the popular Mastering Sponsored Travel course.

The best part? Marie is presenting “How to get Sponsored Travel via Blogging” at the next Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup on July 3.

As you can imagine, Marie is a busy person! We asked for her most important time management tip. She replied, “Managing my time can be difficult at times! I am a fan of social media schedulers, using my Google Calendars, and I have a giant wall calendar that I use when I’m in a location for a longer time.”

We all know every job has its ups and downs. What is the best course of action when a travel blogger has a negative experience? “Contact the sponsor you organized the sponsorship with immediately. Explain the problem while it’s happening and give them a chance to “fix” whatever is wrong. If they can’t or don’t want to during the sponsorship, consider the value in providing a bad review or social media post,” advised Marie. “I’ll give some examples during my presentation.”

Marie loves Tuscany’s gorgeous landscapes but is happiest near the ocean. Her favorite quick escape is a spa day that includes a nice meal, treatments, and relaxation. Mark your calendars now to come to the next Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media MeetUp to hear what perpetual traveler, Marie, has to say about changing your life with travel. We look forward to seeing you!

Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup
Wednesday, July 3, 2019
12:15pm to 2:15pm
Casselberry Library
215 N. Oxford Rd.
Casselberry, FL