Gutenberg Has Arrived

We were glad to welcome David Laietta, our guest speaker on May 2, 2018, at the Winter Park Bloggers Meetup.

David shared his understanding of Gutenberg, it’s present and future user-friendly applications for WordPress users.

If you’re not familiar with Gutenberg, think about the Gutenberg Press from 1440-1450 and how it changed the printing and publishing world. Europeans took to movable type quickly. Before the invention of the printing press — most European texts were printed using xylography, a form of woodblock printing similar to the Chinese method used to print “The Diamond Sutra” in 868. Feb 25, 201

In resemblance, Gutenberg’s structure of WordPress, developers sought to change the world of WordPress for the better, by providing an easier and more fun way with a comparison to Lego Blocks, to build websites with less time and effort. A stage is set with the structure for a reliably quicker builder that makes shortcodes unnecessary.

Some of the points David made in using Gutenberg is that the developers created Gutenberg using a proper SEO structure. Should you inadvertently make any accessibility mistakes Gutenberg has a warning system that will display warning notes with tips on how to fix it. Gutenberg comes with a default template that can be duplicated to create your custom templates. These are called blocks. He demonstrated how he was able to add a Podcast using a SoundCloud block.

David said in going forward that you should check all the plugins you are using to see that they are Gutenberg compatible or when are their development plans to make the plugins compatible.

David demonstrated how you can turn Gutenberg off and back on again without the need to reformat. He also stated that you did not need to reformat all of your blog posts. That they will look the same because Gutenberg has a backward compatibility feature.

Gutenberg is the imminent future of WordPress. David sees not much of a downside with Gutenberg. Its goal is a greater user-friendly content management system and happy Gutenberg users.

David’s talk was informative, insightful and helpful. We had many questions answered. Here are some links David provided for Gutenberg.

David Laietta has been a user and developer for WordPress since 2008. His focus is on helping small businesses, providing ongoing support, and educating users. He helps organize both WordPress Orlando and WordCamp Orlando.