Has a client made you bite your tongue lately? Join the club. There will always be clients who challenge our customer service goals, but upcoming Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup speaker, Scott Mann, can help.

Here’s a piece of his perspective-changing advice: “If you consider yourself a professional, your only option is always taking the high road. A better way to say it is, “The customer isn’t always right, but it’s your job to make them right.”

Scott learned about customer service working at Disney. “Getting trained at Disney on providing guest experiences at an early age was a game-changer in starting my own business.” He added, “Customer service is far more than courtesy and manners. Real customer service isn’t following a script, it’s providing service with empathy. And if you hire people, then empowering them to do the same.”

As the founder of HighForge, an Orlando-based web design, and marketing business, Scott also learned about the pitfalls of being too nice. This is especially challenging for small business owners. To learn more about his tactics, come hear his talk, “Important and Practical Lessons About the Dangers of Being Too Nice”, at the February 13 Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup.

In the meantime, check out the excellent reviews for HighForge here:

We look forward to seeing you!

Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
12:15 PM to 2:00 PM
Casselberry Library
215 N. Oxford Rd.
Casselberry, FL