Writers’ block can stall even the most accomplished writers. It can also cause anxiety in someone like myself who now has the courage if asked to reply I am a writer. This can even affect you in your life journey when it is suggested to begin journaling. All of the above have stared at a blank screen or page and thought where do I even begin.

I consider myself creative but to my own detriment, the idea of discipline, suggestions or God forbid rules to overcome writers’ block is blasphemous.

I’m very happy that I attended this meetup where tips of overcoming this were given. Kristen Steffel is a novelist as well as a blogger and her tips were quite helpful in getting through our own issues with the blank page.

Immediately what struck gold for me was ” You need to know your audience.” Yes, this is the key for this writer. She went on to explain that cutting ourselves slack when other priorities can stand in our way.  I don’t know about you but I can definitely pull out the hammer and use self-defeating language when this occurs.

A discipline I have struggled with but Kristen suggests is setting up a specific time in my day or week to write. Imagine a slice of self-discipline in accomplishing a goal.

Ms. Steffel had a few other great ideas but I’m going to allow you to find her online or maybe actually support us in future actual meets.

The old adage feel the fear and do it anyway rings true in her talk and we need to recognize accept and by all means be authentic.

A few sources that were given are Mark McGinnis and John Ashcroft authors who have written on this subject.