Wow, Joey Rivera is a contagious blend of energy and fun. Shes quite entertaining and for this writer a great example of what’s possible in pursuing my passions.

Joey is rapid fire with her wit and numerous catchphrases that keep things moving along and keep her audience engaged. Born with wanderlust as she puts it and considers herself a wordsmither who is ” An expert only in finding and having her own voice.”

A mother of seven yes seven as I asked her to repeat she works with women in crisis. She travels far and wide as her claim is being able to work wherever my dream takes me. That truly was one of the many things I felt I had in common with Ms. Rivera.

Joey tells the story of at two grabbing the mike and wandering on stage to belt out gospel songs to sorting dogs at seven and horses at fourteen.  The wanderlust continues as she wrote for the school paper and then at twenty developed as she puts it enticed by the drug of radio. Our girl soon discovered a passion for marketing that further shaped a well rounded future career.

At this point developing a true gift for communicating and yet beginning to understand that along with these gifts there are also flaws. I believe we all need to discover that we may have many talents and gifts yet need to realize that others may have strengths in areas where we may not.

This realization is a key as Joey stated to learning to build a community of diversity. Everyone contributing in their own unique way.

Ms. Rivera abides by three questions, What needs an enhancement, What needs embracing and What do I need to pay someone else to handle.

She finished her talk with some tips for public speaking which I’m just going to say, You need to come out to the meets for nuggets like that.

In closing folks the one thing that’s forgotten in telling ourselves I don’t need to attend these, I have a handle on what I am doing, is being with like-minded people stokes the fires of creativity.

Thank you, Joey Rivera, and to those who attended and showed their appreciation for our speaker and Carol.