A term I can understand if applied to sports but has been contrary to my attempts at change in my personal life. I have believed that in attempting to make a change in my life that is beneficial it has felt as if there is an external or overpowering force that wishes for this not to take place.

I am always baffled at why when attempting to move in a new direction that an avalanche of contrary incidents occur. Today I think I have finally come to realize it is strictly a phenomenon of momentum.  There is no negative power desiring that I not live my dreams but a lifelong backlog of thinking and acting in a manner that has to lead me in the opposite direction.

Today I see it as I have built a house or maybe an ocean liner in a certain way and now I would like to either completely remodel this home or turn my ship in a new direction. Unfortunately or maybe not I cannot light a match to my home but must remodel it one room at a time or in the case of my cruise ship begin to build momentum in slowly turning in a new direction. This is far less overwhelming and I can rest assured the Universe is not a far too powerful adversary but as my momentum increases will fuel the new direction.