That’s the first question we wanted to ask Jenn Coleman, Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup speaker for August. She will be discussing tips to improve our profiles and engagement on Instagram. Check out her Instagram site below. We were blown away by her gorgeous photography and you will be too

When we got in touch with Jenn to gather information for this blog post, our wish came true. We asked about her camera.

Jennifer replied, “I use an entry-level DSLR (Nikkon 3300) for about 85% of our shots, the rest are taken on our Android.

We don’t know about you, but we’re relieved that we can use our smartphones!

Jenn Coleman is ½ of Coleman Concierge.

Here is their bio:

Jenn and Ed are Coleman Concierge. Jenn is highly experienced in the service industry. Having worked a lifetime in adventure and travel she knows the industry from the inside. 

Ed is a physicist in aerospace by day, crazy adventurist by night. He drives the tech train around here and applies his industry knowledge to build, not just another blog, but a detailed content management system.  

Let us serve as your guide to help you and inspire you to get out, expand your world and seek adventure, even in your own backyard. Along with our perspective and personality, we strive to provide tools and tips for you to experience heightened adventure in your own life.

We also asked Jenn if she has a favorite editing tool for her photos. She replied, “I am still having trouble figuring out Photoshop/Lightroom (I think I need to take a class 😉 ), so I use a basic free editing program available for Mac called Photoscape X.”

Since her Instagram photographs are so amazing, we asked, “For every Instagram image you post, how many photos of the same image did you take?” Jenn responded, “Depends on the shot, but I usually only keep and use about 20% of shots. Those work for our blog posts and Facebook, then we only use the top 5% (the best of the best) for Instagram (although we have had to occasionally post ones that don’t quite make muster because they are sponsored, and we did not get any we love).

As we cruised through Coleman Concierge on Instagram, there was an image that really got our attention. It is a photo of a sunset in a rearview mirror. In the written description that accompanies it, Jenn mentions a particular jam that seems to always come up each time they’ve moved. We asked her to identify the song.

“The song is called Down with Disease by a hippie Jam band called Phish.  Here is a link to the song:”

Jenn Coleman will present “Users Guide to Instagram, Tips to Improve Your Profile and Engagement” on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, from 12:15 to 2:00 PM at the Casselberry Library, 215 N. Oxford Rd., Casselberry, FL.


We hope to see you there!