On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 9:00 AM at the Casselberry Library, Ken Countess who is managing director of The Countess Group talked on the 5 Essential Marketing Tips to Energize Your Sales.

Ken is an award‐winning marketer, an executive coach, podcaster, public speaker, trainer, and presenter, an internationally recognized, accredited expert in Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. He is a certified partner of Constant Contact, Microsoft, and other well-known companies. Over 25+ years, Ken has held executive management positions at Fortune 100 companies including Motorola, Marriott, and Caremark and continues to hold equity in a Dallas-based 50‐person marketing agency.

Ken showed us how Digital Marketing is constantly changing. Ken has a web team, a writing team and a marketing team that he works with. Ken explained that marketing is not sales, it’s about building relationships with people you know, like and trust. Here are the 5 points he covered.

    A. Marketing is king and email is queen
    B. Know who you are and what you’re selling
    C. Never sell or rent lists
    D. Everyone is addicted to email
    E. Create good email subject lines and size matters – 4-7 words
    F. Google Adwords doesn’t work.
    A. Demographic Data
    B. Ads
    C. Auctions
    D. Use A/B split testing on Facebook
  3. VIDEO
    A. Is gaining in popularity
    B. Keep video to 90 seconds
    C. Use best practices
    A. Most users use the mobile to search for needs –  9 out of 10
    B. 56% use the mobile to check their email
    C. People are on their smartphone 150 times a day
    A. Buffer – you can set 1-year in advance to post

Ken Countess was asked what got him the greatest leads for his list. He said “Public Speaking”.  Everyone’s eyes lit up because they were expecting him to tell them his online sales funnel strategy or secret. He said with public speaking he gets a 70% email open rate.


Ken also told us to use evergreen material that never expires and to offer good valuable information. Ken offers talks on Digital Marketing Trends, Webinars and he holds an Email Marketing Academy.