On Tuesday, April 3, 2018, at 12:30 PM Pinterest Guru, Penney Fox, spoke on “Growing your site traffic with Pinterest”. Penney has been in business since 1999 and teaching social media marketing since 2009.

So what is Pinterest? It’s a visual site where users search and find information about how to use social media to ideas of what to make for dinner. People are active on Pinterest looking to buy what they need or to help them do something quicker or easier or be better organized.

Penney has found that Pinterest is NOT a social media site. It’s a visual search engine!

Penney Fox has grown her Account to over 14,000 followers and she gets 80% of her business from Pinterest.

Penney taught us how to get more customers on Pinterest.

In 2017 there were many changes on Pinterest that no one has any control over. However, Penney taught that we are in control over our own marketing and some of the things on Pinterest we have control over are:

  1. Our Profile
  2. Our Board Titles
  3. Our Pin Descriptions

She recommends in the profile that you always use your business long name with targeted keywords. In the above items, 2-3 always use targeted keywords.

Her keyword tools are using a swipe file which is a huge file of keywords. “It is the content of your content” in her words. Good words for everyone to use are “Secret Tips and FREE”

She taught that it’s the content of a pin that makes it go viral and viral means in the thousands.

Penney said that we need to be clear and to ask ourselves “Who is my reader? Who am I trying to reach? You have a unique perspective. Nobody is you! She said, “the people who connect others are the ones who connect.”

Penney teaches at Score Orlando https://orlando.score.org. She also has a Mastermind group and Pinterest Training. You can learn more from her website and Facebook Groups.




This is a brief synopsis of Penney’s talk. If you want to learn more contact Penney Fox.