Lamar Barnett of Steel Bubble LLC spoke at the Winter Park Bloggers meetup on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Lamar Barnett, a senior software professional with proven hands-on experience in web development and process management, helped us understand security in using our blog and devices.

As digital citizens, we need to get better about consistently protecting ourselves, our devices, and our family and friends. The Internet is always “on,” so we must remain vigilant and continue to connect with care in order to protect our mobile devices — including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearable technology — as well as our personal information.

Understanding Security procedures enables you to avoid many potential problems and will possibly spare you some very big trouble caused by placing security measures on the back burner.  How many people think that, oh, that won’t happen to me! Most people are unaware of online security risks.

(Mr. Barnett) (Lamar) brought to real issues we deal with in our everyday communications while using the internet. He gave information and tips on 7 pertinent topics that drove home the how- to protect yourself from intruders and maintain good habits with a security mindset  I’ll list the topics in the digest.

Useful tips he gave are:

  • Don’t click on sub-domains that are not top level.
  • Contact Facebook if you have trouble
  • Getting in a hurry can cause issues
  • Passwords are easy to crack
  • Single sign-on is not a good idea
  • Don’t give others access to your account
  • Check the URL to make sure the SSL stays green and doesn’t switch when you buy
  • Use Experian credit freeze if you get hacked

1 – Phishing – Hover links for effect, don’t click; avoid TMI on social networks. Accounts for 80-90% attacks.

2 – Open Wi-Fi networks-Fake Computer Wi-Fi (man in the middle attack)
    Use VPN if you must use them.

3 – Infected Downloads – Free Apps
Check veracity with checksum(MD5, SHAI, SHA256); check site reputation.

4 – Brute Force Password Attacks
    Assure password strength (, KeePass) HotKeys

5 – Zero-Day Exploits
    Auto-update, WOT, Netcraft, Web inspector, Firewall
    Quick Hash GUI download | › Browse › Security & Utilities › Security
Sep 1, 2017 – Download Quick Hash GUI for free. Linux, Windows and Apple Mac File Hashing GUI Tool.

6 – Man-in-the-middle (MITM) – intercepting your session!
    Scrutinize URL for secure connections, avoid the Back button on sessions.

7 – Social Engineering – walking in behind you!
Hold credentials & access cards tightly.

Helpful Links

S. Lamar Barbett

At the Q&A time, we had a very good discussion as most everyone had a question, comment or application; Many takeaways from his talk.  I thought many more people could have profited from Lamar’s talk.  I’m reminded to be more cautious, informed and protective.  

Thanks again to Lamar for all the helpful information and tips!