On December 6, 2017, Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media Meetup hosted Kristen Manieri, Founder and Editor of Orlando Date Night Guide. For her full bio, please click here. With warmth and grace, Kristen entertained us with her personal story and blogging journey and also offered advice for both would-be and current bloggers. Although I didn’t take notes, I have takeaways. Here they are:

Kristen started with a really good idea. Where can singles and couples go and what can they do on dates in Orlando? It turned out that the places and activities she and her husband enjoyed interested other people too. Not all bloggers have a theme that is immediately attractive to so many people. However, it is a good reminder to carefully consider your blogging theme and your target audience. What do you know about and who are you telling it to?

Next, Orlando Date Night is not an overnight success story. Years of hard work have gotten Kristen and her team where they are now. She spoke about the importance of providing consistent content. Even if you don’t have a team helping you curate and/or create content, don’t despair. An editorial calendar really is a blogger’s best friend, but here’s a secret: so is the flowchart.

So get comfortable. Knock the critic off your shoulder. Write down one blog idea. Then write another one. And another one. Watch how the ideas pinball off each other. You may not use them all, but if you give yourself permission to try, then you’ll discover more ideas. You may even create more ideas than you think you can use, but write them in your editorial calendar anyway. After all, what do you have to lose?