On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Gargi Bhola, an Online Marketing Strategist working with Small Businesses- from solopreneurs to Mid-Sized spoke to us on “Fast Start Guide to Video Marketing”.

Her opening statement was asking everyone where they were in the online video field. The consensus was all over the board, from beginners to intermediate vloggers.

She spoke with us about using our smartphones, stating that a good smartphone has a quality of 12 pixels. She encouraged us to use the rear camera.

She spoke with us about knowing your intention before buying your camera. She asked whether you are an on the go video shooter or a travel video shooter. She gave us a tip to use a mic with a voice recorder on our smartphone. At the beginning and end of our video to clap or snap. Doing this would give a definition to sync. She encouraged us to test our video and audio quality. To create your own mic use a headset and cut the earpiece to use the mic only.

Gargi’s tips on how to make your cell phone work for you:

  1. Look at the lens and not the screen
  2. Practice
  3. Know how your lens works for distance.
  4. Your flip screen is a godsend
  5. Speak slowly
  6. Use a clean background.

Gargi’s tips on content were:

Talk about what your community wants to hear.

  1. Put your content into
    A. Buckets
    B. Themes
    C. Categories
  2. Organization is important
    A. Be Organized
  3. YouTube can give you ideas for content in its search.
  4. Talk quality with quality content.
  5. Use Google calendar as an organizer.
    A. Schedule your video production
    B. Batch Edit
    C. Batch Record
  6. Use Google Analytics

Gargi told us that our community will get to know our posting habits so be consistent. That it takes Google 48 hours to rank your video.

Gari encouraged us to plan our style.

  1. Tell people what you do and how you serve.
  2. Create a playlist of others people’s content.
    A. Curating selected content.
  3. Use CoScheduler https://coschedule.com/blog/plan-a-blog-schedule/
  4. Use Meet Edgar https://meetedgar.com/blog/
  5. Use an interesting photo of your face for branding on your profile.
  6. For cover graphics to use
    A. Canva https://www.canva.com
    B. PicMonkey https://www.picmonkey.com/

She explained that quick info videos are something like SnapChat that you can use on social media such as Facebook. However, she explained the Facebook is not searchable. YouTube, however, is a search engine and part of Google.

Gargi asked us to ask ourselves when selecting a social media medium for marketing was “Where are your clients?” On Facebook, we can boost campaigns then send them to YouTube with a link. She encouraged us to complete A/B testing with our videos. Split tests are the key to optimizing your videos, making it easy to see which video is most effective. Gargi said doing this will get you more video likes.

Here are a few resources that Gargi recommended for screen capturing.

Gargi encouraged us to use SD drives for more memory and to upload to Google drive so that our smartphone will always be ready for video. 

See Gargi’s Gear

She told us to know our need and how much we want to spend. Gargi recommended read is:
Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging