On Thursday, September 7th, Angelica Yard gave a talk on Creating Content Strategies for WordPress Blog. She is the co-founder of Sevenality, a brand strategy agency, located in Orlando, Florida. She is also the owner of Studio 404 Paper and co-host of the Heart + Hustle Podcast, a weekly podcast focused on giving creative entrepreneurs the tools they need to achieve with life-work balance.

She spoke to us about having good content strategies. She said after 30-days content usually gets tired and forgotten. Having good content organization is important so that you may repurpose your content.

Angelica encouraged us to be empowered with proper ideas, not to psych ourselves out with roadblocks and stress. She also encouraged us to use branding to empower our content and to use transparency with our readers.

She encouraged us to be innovative and to write on a certain or particular thing. She gave us these content branding guidelines.

  1. Regulations without abstrusity
  2. Consistency, tone for your content
  3. Idea of style
  4. Focused
  5. Schedule your time
  6. Easy to share
  7. Organize your content with creative thinking

Angelica gave us this blog anatomy using social media

  1. Use only 5-7 Categories
  2. Use Simple Organization
  3. Use tags as they expand like keywords
  4. Schedule your blogs
  5. 10,000 words plus per blog
  6. When starting blog once a week

Some of the tools Angelica uses that she shared with us are:

Angelica said it is important to repurpose your content and that strong content can be expanded and updated. When you get lots of content you can use it to create digital products such as E-books and E-Courses. She explained that it is easier to expand on existing content then it is creating new content.

She suggested using Easy Digital Downloads and Simple Course Creator.

Her final words to us were “JUST DO IT!!!”

Thank you, Angelica Yard for your insight and encouragement.