Blog and Social Media expert, Joy Becerra, presented on June 15, at 6 PM.  Due to a wreck on I-4 and bad weather we had a much lower attendance than usual. However, Joy’s talk was outstanding and those who missed it really missed out, we felt your missed presents. I’m only touching the surface of her talk. Be present to get the whole presentation. Attendance helps to become better acquainted with other bloggers, building a blogging community with great relationships and enriching your life.

Joy gave us tips on how to get our blog posts seen and featured. One of Joy’s tips was to learn all you can. There are many online sources like a webinar or a course. She mentioned Coursera as a resource, one she uses.

Here’s the list of tips that Joy gave:

  1. Write Consistently
  2.  Post Timely – Once a Week
  3.  Write between 1,800 – 25 words
  4. Images increase views up to 75% – Use Images
  5. Embed keywords in your images
  6. Use citations – make sure to cite your sources.
  7. Collaborate with others
  8. Don’t pay for links – get links organically
  9. Guest blog

Joy said, “Content is King, but the conversation is queen”.  Building relationships online is key.

For social media, she said you need to play in Google Plus sandbox for online SEO ranking. Be careful what you post on Facebook, people are watching. They will vet you on LinkedIn and that Twitter is important in building relationships. As far as time wise she mentioned that it would take up to six months or more before you start to get noticed. One hit wonders that go viral are rare and do nothing to build relationships or a good following.

She also gave us other important social media tips that will not be mentioned.  If you need more help you can hire Joy Becerra.