RULE: Have a clear idea who you want to read your blog, and target your blog posts to their interests.

It’s important to produce content people want to read. Why waste time on topics no one wants to read?

Targeting is one of the basic principles of marketing. It’s not about trying to appeal to everyone. Everyone has something they’re interested in reading about and no one is here by an accident. Everyone has significance. Due to technology, we are living in a world community where we can improve others lives through blogging.

Everyone has a community of followers with lives that can be impacted. Not everyone will like your blog, but that doesn’t make what you share any less valuable.

Find a topic that gives you passion. Build your blogging strategy around this passion and share your wisdom  Your blog can be more about pleasing yourself then appealing to others. A blogging experiment to improve your writing skills, to write about your recent vacation, or recording a project that you have been working on.  A funny thing about this is many famous blogs have started out this way and became very popular.

  1. Write for yourself.
  2. Write when you want to write.
  3. Write out of a desire to record, share experiences and ideas.

“That’s it! This is a blogger.”

  • Taken from the Golden Rules of Blogging by Robbin Houghton