Blogger Lindsay Flannagan predicts that more and more blogs will be created this year but that many of them (perhaps most, even) will not be read. Why?  She says because they’ll fail to stand out amongst the crowd, drowning in a sea of similar blogs. She gives tips and suggestions to help your blog stand out from the rest.

She recommends:

1. Engagement – Followers want to experience real engagement with you before they reciprocate. Engage with those who want to connect with you. Take the time to respond to those who take their time to engage with you.

2. Live Streaming – It’s more personal and real, as opposed to a recorded or written post, because it’s happening now, giving viewers a vicarious experience.

3. Video and Images – Any image—photos, charts, graphics—will still catch someone’s eye better than a big block of text. Your posts will be more attractive if you use compelling images to capture the essence of a post.

4. Great Content

aDo market research
b. Write longer
b. Outshine other opt-ins
c. Clean up your site

Get off to a great start in 2017 so that your blog gets you the attention, business and success that you want.

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