Our first MeetUp of the year was a success with 16 in attendance. We used a revised “Lean Coffee” format to find the topic interest and get to know each other better. Everyone chose two topics of interest and had two topic votes. The topics with the most votes were chosen for table conversation. We broke out into groups of four to discuss the chosen topic. Each group had to choose a captain to keep time. Everyone had five minutes to talk on the topic and at the end, the group captain had to share their group conversation takeaway.

Here’s the list of topics from this meeting. We will be addressing them here on our blog and on our Facebook Group.

  1. How to get more readers and keep them
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Public Relations and Promotions
  4. What is stop #1 to set up a blog
  5. Best blogging practices
  6. Blogging trends
  7. How to stay motivated and motivate others
  8. Sponsored post affiliates
  9. WordPress Plugins
  10. Email subscription lists and how to grow them
  11. Social media frequency “Fillers” between new posts
  12. General Blogging and how to drive traffic
  13. How long should a blog be
  14. What is step #1 to effective social media
  15. Facebook marketing
  16. Are there blogging rules
  17. Amazon and Ebay
  18. Finding good keywords to generate leads
  19. How to generate leads
  20. Blog topic selections
  21. Blog content length
  22. How cautious should a blogger be since companies can query all social media content with an email address
  23. The importance of correct grammar when blogging.

Looking forward to meeting you at next month’s MeetUp where Lisa Melegari will talk on how to turn your blog into an ebook. See you then!

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